A Brief Review of TENGA (because our Wiki page is way out of date)

Welcome to the TENGA Blog’s inaugural post! I’m Tina and I do a lot of communication-y things here at TENGA — customer service emails, social media (tweet at me!) answering customer questions, etc. If you contact TENGA, odds are I’ll be the one you hear from.

An assortment of TENGA products

If you ask someone who is at least a little familiar TENGA, they’ll probably be able to tell you a few basic facts about the company — Japanese. Lots of red. Makes toys for the penis. These are all true — although to be fair, we don’t stop at the penis — but as soon as you get into the nitty gritty about TENGA, it turns out there’s a lot of misinformation out there. That is why we humbly present the following: A Brief Review of TENGA (because our Wiki page is way out of date)

Since the aim of this post is to put out some more accurate information about the company, I thought I’d just go dissect the current-as-of-writing (September 2017) Wikipedia page and correct it as I go.

As of 2011, 28 employees work in the company (including the board of directors), with 8 of them female.

This is a doozie of a change — as of September 2017, this has grown to 70 employees, 23 of them female (including yours truly!) Along with the Japanese offices in Tokyo and Osaka, we also have offices in the USA, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Masanobu Sato (佐藤雅信), who is responsible for the company’s Overseas Business Department.

Although this was the case in 2011, Mr. Sato is now the CEO of TENGA Health Care, our new company focused on improving sexual wellness. You can find out more here (PDF).

He has been participating in the competitions using a set of Tenga masturbators of his own.

This is mostly an issue of tenses — he hasn’t competed since 2009, and has no intention of revisiting the competition (although his TENGA collection no doubt remains prodigious).

Tenga offers several product categories.

100% accurate. Proceed.

Disposable “Cup” series which are intended for one-time use only (which can be reused if washed correctly)

RECORD SCRATCH. Nope. No no no nope stop no. The CUP series should absolutely not be reused. Even disregarding that they are not built to last, they are impossible to clean effectively. Please, please don’t reuse them — if you want something reusable, pick up an Air-Tech and give your bits the safe, quality experience they deserve. Don’t do yourself dirty like that. You’ve earned the right to treat yourself.

A few facts, since that’s more legible than commenting on a whole paragraph of figures:

  • As of June 2017, over 55 million units have been shipped worldwide
  • Japan accounts for 70% of total sales
  • Worldwide, a TENGA product is sold every 4.5 seconds (that’s about 40 in the time it took you to read this far)
  • Brand recognition is now 74.9% in men in their 20s, and a whopping 83% in men in their 30s
  • 37.7% of men surveyed had tried a TENGA product before at least once

(survey pool for the above figures was 1200 each of men and women in Japan aged 18~49)

‘…described as ‘stylish’ and as ‘Apple of the sex toy industry’’

Nothing to add here, I just wanted to call attention to that bit because it’s complimentary af. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

‘Counterfeit products which resemble Tenga have been reported in China, ranging from products which only mimics the color and tone of the original package design to a product that is virtually indistinguishable from the original.’

This is totally true (although they’re not only in China) and still an issue. You can find out more about counterfeit items on our website here. I’ve seen some counterfeit eggs myself — although the packaging is pretty close, the product quality was visibly inferior, and one HAD A HAIR IN IT. So not okay.

‘There are 13 different textures/sensations…’

Good news, everyone — there are 17 now!

The product list also doesn’t include the Air-Tech, FLIP 0, Vacuum Controller, TENGA SVR, TENGA Δ Delta, TENGA FLEX, or the further iroha series: iroha+, iroha mini, iroha m&m, and iroha stick.

So there you have it — a few corrections we wanted to get out there into the English-speaking world. Did you learn something? Did we miss something? Is there something you want to ask or know more about? Let us know in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter!

Until next time,