Back in Black —the FLIP ZERO BLACK is here!

Long-time fans of the TENGA brand probably saw this one coming — the beloved FLIP ZERO is now available in both the original soft white edition, and the new, bolder black version! Read on to find out more about the different color editions and what they mean, and stick with us to the end to find out how you can enter to win not only the FLIP ZERO BLACK, but a whole bundle of goodies…

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No, we won’t burst your bubble — it‘s really here!

People tend have pretty strong preferences about certain things — drip vs. instant coffee (drip or death), whether pineapple belongs on pizza (our EU sales rep and I will never agree on this), or which Power Ranger was the best (I have no personal opinion on this one, but I’m told it’s Tommy?)

But, while personal tastes about beer and ice cream are not to be trivialized (a punchy IPA and mint chip), there may not be any preference in which we are more determined (or more varied) than those we have when it comes to sex and pleasure. Here at TENGA, we understand that these preferences exist, acknowledge that they are important, and thusly do our darnedest to have something in our lineup that will tickle everyone’s fancy just so.

That’s why TENGA offers so much variety in our products. Not only are there the hard-cased vs. soft-touch products (ex. The CUP vs. the EGG), there are also reusable vs. disposable, removable sleeve vs. flip-open body, size variants, and a whole range of textures. This is clearly visible in the color variants that exist in several TENGA products.

So, what’s the deal with the different colors?

There’s more to this than a vanity wardrobe change..!

Generally speaking, when a TENGA product has multiple color versions, the red editions are ‘standard’ — made with TENGA’s original material — white editions are for those who prefer gentler stimulation, and black editions are made with intensity in mind. For example, the Original Vacuum CUP is available in Asia in a full range of intensities — from gentle to hard!

The standard red cup came first, followed by the white and black versions a few years later

This is also the case with the TENGA HOLE LOTIONS — the full range gradually decreases in viscosity, with the white [MILD] being thicker for a more cushioned texture, and the black [WILD] being thinner for more direct contact (and including a hint of menthol, for a fresh kick!)

The TENGA FLEX in Silky White and Rocky Black

More recently, the reusable TENGA FLEX was released in two versions from launch — the Silky White and Rocky Black — with the former being softer and subtler, and the latter being more bold and intense.

These intensity variations are made possible both with modification of the design of the internal details themselves (think low, soft ripples as opposed to big bulbous bits), and by using different ingredient blends to change the material firmness and density. In the case of the FLIP ZERO BLACK, this means that both the direct sensations are more intense than the original FLIP ZERO (thanks to the big, bold internal details and harder inner material) and the suction is more intense — that firmer material also means it’s even more airtight than before!

The FLIP ZERO (left) and FLIP ZERO BLACK (right) have completely different internal details, on top of the different material formulations
The CG images might look a little intimidating, but rest assured that those shapes are all soft and squishy — like you can see above!

We wouldn’t make these variations if they didn’t have fans — and the black editions especially have a lot of fans! As a big thanks-and-shoutout to all of you out there who have made the black versions as popular as they are, we’ve concocted quite a treat — in our latest launch giveaway, not only can you enter to win the new FLIP ZERO BLACK, we’re giving away a pretty decadent ~Grand Prize ~— a customized TENGA backpack full of black TENGA goodies, like the TENGA FLEX, TENGA SVR, a TENGA T-shirt and more! (including a few treats that are usually available only in Japan..!)

Check out the Terms & Conditions for a full list of the prizes included.

TENGA BLACK edition prize pack (a blackpack, if you will)

10 secondary winners will also be selected to receive the new FLIP ZERO BLACK — so don’t miss your chance to win!

To enter, simply submit a completed entry form before noon on April 18th, 2018 (JST). Winners will be contacted by email, so make sure you don’t submit any typos!

This promotion has ended — we hope you’ll join in the next one!

Entry deadline: Noon on April 18th, 2018 (JST)

· Entrants must be over 18 years old or of legal age in their country.
· Open globally — however, please understand that it may not be possible for us to ship prizes to some regions. We cannot be held responsible if a shipment is stopped by customs or lost in transit.
· Limit of one entry per household.
· One (1) Grand Prize winner and ten (10) secondary winners will be randomly selected from entries received by 11:59AM on April 18th, 2018 (JST).
· Winners will be contacted at the provided email address following the end of the promotion. If a reply is not received within 2 days of this email, a different winner will be selected and contacted.
· Winners must be available to accept delivery of their item at the provided address following the promotion period ending.
· Should a winner fail to accept delivery of their item, the item will not be re-sent or re-directed to a different address.
· Please contact us for further details.
· Included in the Grand Prize Pack are one (1) each of the following: Custom TENGA Backpack, FLIP ZERO BLACK, TENGA FLEX Rocky Black, TENGA SVR in Black, TENGA Lover’s EGG, TENGA Original Vacuum CUP Hard, Pocket TENGA Block Edge, TENGA ΔDelta, TENGA HOLE LOTION [WILD], LOVE ME TENGA T-shirt in black (in winner’s choice of size)

Are you one of the ones who was wishing, hoping, and waiting for the FLIP ZERO BLACK? Is there something you’d love to see emerge from the TENGA product evolution? Do you have strong feelings about pineapples or Power Rangers? Don’t be shy to say hi on Twitter (@TENGA_Global) or in the comments!

Until next time,